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LinkedIn For Humans

Be in LinkedIn’s top 1%. Raise your business profile, grow meaningful connections. Post interesting content and open yourself up to a tonne of new opportunities.

Online, on-demand, lifetime access.

Time required: Approx. 5-6 hours

Next open for enrolment in Autumn 2024

Price: £199

(or interest free payment plan 4 months x £49.75)


This course is for you if you want to...

Raise Your Profile

You want to raise your profile and make a name for yourself in your industry and quickly.

Grow Your Network

You want to grow truly valuable connections.

Grow Your Business

You want to open yourself up to new business leads and increase people’s desire to work with you.

Feel The Love

You want the LinkedIn algorithm to love you.

Get Your Mindset Right

You want the right mindset to build brilliant relationships on LinkedIn that lead to amazing business opportunities.

Gain Confidence

You want the confidence to create interesting content that gets results on LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?

  • Over a billion users  the people you want to be in front of in business are using it. It’s where the budgets are and it’s where they are used to doing business.

  • Even if it’s not your customers (but it probably is), it’s the people who can refer, recommend you and who can offer you opportunities. It’s the people who you want to make a name for yourself with and get in front of.

  • Google indexes LinkedIn’s posts which means it’s great for your online searchability too. 

  • You can achieve results very quickly if you are doing the right things. I intentionally raised my LinkedIn game and saw huge results in just a few months.

  • It’s a zero budget marketing channel that can help you grow a business you love.

Why now?

  • LinkedIn has come an awfully long way since it was just a CV and job search site and it’s growing rapidly. Think of it as Facebook was in its heyday but for business relationships.

  • There’s still time to get to the front of the pack. It’s the business equivalent of being one of the first people to start creating amazing content on Facebook while everyone else was still talking in the third person about what they had for dinner. 

  • People are online now more than ever. They’re working from home, they’re looking for opportunities and networking online has become the norm.

  • 1% of LinkedIn’s monthly users share content on a weekly basis. Most people don’t (99%!). Don’t be most people.

  • In a time of uncertainty, create certainty for yourself and get ahead of the game. Whether you’re representing a brand or yourself, whether you’re employed, self-employed or unemployed, don’t get left behind.

How it works…

  • 10 chapters with lessons that will walk you through how to transform the way you’re using LinkedIn.

  • Complete the course online in your own time, 24/7 and with lifetime access including updated content.

  • Online video, audio and text-based lessons with tasks and bonus downloads.

  • A soundtrack to your LinkedIn success accompanies this course for a bit of fun and to help transform your mindset and engrain the knowledge.

  • the Freelancer Magazine Marketing Movement private group on LinkedIn with weekly challenges and a ready-made supportive community of over 300 freelance friends.

  • Request a full refund within 14 days if you don’t feel you get the value from it.

  • Read all of the Freelancer Magazine Marketing School feedback and reviews and check out the ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5-star reviews on Google.

Course Outline

🎦 Hello and How It Works

🎦 LESSON: Be A Delightful Human

🎦 LESSON: How Can You Help?

🎦 LESSON: Getting Your Mindset Right

🎦 LESSON: Are You Hungry?

🎦 LESSON: LinkedIn is a Party and Everyone’s Invited

🎦 LESSON: What Do You Really Want?

🎦 LESSON: The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get

🎦 LESSON: Content That’s So Fresh and So Clean

🎦 LESSON: Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self

🎦 LESSON: Just Dance

📄 Drop the Frigging Mic

🌱 LIFH Group 

📄 50+ Content Ideas For Freelancers*

🎦 LinkedIn Show Around and Getting a Bit Techie with Functionality 🤓

⭐️ 10 People Killing It on LinkedIn Right Now

🎧 The Soundtrack to Your LinkedIn Success

Still unsure?

Lifetime Access

Complete the course online in your own time, 24/7 and with lifetime access including updated content.

LinkedIn Legends

Join the Freelancer Magazine Marketing Movement private group (over 450 people) on LinkedIn with weekly challenges.

5 Star Reviews!

Over 1633 enrolments on our courses to date and check out our 5 star Google reviews below.

Great course Sophie! So refreshing to hear a human voice cutting through the noise and telling it how it really is, or at leat how it should be. This course is short and sweet, making the world of LinkedIn seem much more approachable.
Amber Lee
Amber Lee
8 January 2023
Really enjoyable course and enabled me to have greater clarity about my offer and target market. Highly recommended for any freelancer/solopreneur looking to take the next step.
Andrew Boothroyd
Andrew Boothroyd
26 November 2022
Wonderful people. Interesting articles. Beautiful design. A magazine just for freelancers like me! This little square of gorgeousness even smells good!
Claire McCabe
Claire McCabe
4 May 2022
I did the 'Nail Your Offering' free course, which was superb, and really got the creative juices flowing. The course leads you through the process of disseminating what will bring joy to you, and what makes the most sense to offer your ideal clients.
8 December 2021
Got the first issue. What a great value for my money. Immediately subscribed and now I am excited for more to come. Thanks for you great work, Sophie and team.
Markus Freise
Markus Freise
17 November 2021
Full of thought-provoking 'meaty' content. All killer, no filler! And so many useful connections and groups too.
Anita Ellis
Anita Ellis
29 September 2021
Name me another magazine that comes with its own playlist!? All kinds of awesome content and beautifully put together.
Tracy Bingham
Tracy Bingham
9 August 2021
It's a professional-looking magazine, despite it's starting out. Unfortunately, freelance writers aren't accepted to contribute to the magazine right now. The editor should give everyone a tracking number to track their copy of the magazine they bought. Without a tracking number, there's no way to find out the status of the magazine during transit. Handing out tracking numbers to readers should provide them with a peace of mind. The editor should've given a head's up that no one's allowed to share the link to any issue of the magazine from the issuu website. The editor should've gone the extra mile to use first class stamps instead of second class stamps as well as expensive stamps when it comes to sending the magazines to customers abroad.
Fiona Li
Fiona Li
24 July 2021
At last, a magazine that speaks directly to the heart of freelancers, be it experienced ones or rookies. Packed with goodies every step of the way and created with love and genuine passion for all freelancers. AT LAST!
Georgios Athanasiou
Georgios Athanasiou
8 July 2021

All this for £199


Be in LinkedIn’s top 1%. Raise your business profile, grow meaningful connections, post interesting content and open yourself up to a tonne of new business opportunities.



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