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Issue 12: Going Global – Freelancing Around the World


We find out what freelancing is like in different parts of the world. From getting a global network and clients, digital nomading and how to make Upwork work for you, to coping with dark days when you live in the far North.

Get the magazine read by the freelance community, get connected, get inspired and get growing a freelance business and lifestyle you love — whatever that means to you.

What's in Issue 12?


Packed with business and lifestyle features for freelancers in every issue...

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🙌  Do Give Up Your Day Job

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🧠  Mental Health

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There's power in numbers and community. We'll connect you to other freelancers with stories and knowledge, by sharing social media profiles and with events like our weekly virtual coworking.


Strategies to create that separation between your personal and professional lives so it feels easier to set boundaries and take rest.

You Are The Business

We'll help you to see your freelancing as a business and grow a business you love - whatever that looks like for you. Charge the rates you deserve and be ambitious with your goals.

Quotes from this issue

Some of the freelancers in this issue...

Freelancers - Ross Simmonds

Ross Simmonds

The Coolest Cool marketer out there. Ross founded SaaS-focused B2B content marketing agency, Foundation Marketing.

Freelancers - Tiffany Markman

Tiffany Markman

Tiffany Markman is a writer, speaker and copywriting teacher. She lives in South Africa and rehabilitates bats in her spare time.

Freelancers - Christine Gritmon

Christine Gritmon

Christine Gritmon is an international speaker, personal branding expert and all-round firecracker.

Freelancers - Hugo Roger

Hugo Roger

Hugo Roger is from São Paulo, Brazil and now lives in South Dakota, USA. He is a self-confessed diehard Upwork fan and is a top earner with them making close to $1 million in payments received.

Freelancers - Super Bourdi

Super Bourdi

Bourdelaud Lénaïc, aka the street artist Super Bourdi, lives in La Rochelle, France. You will struggle to walk down a road in La Rochelle without his character ‘Bobby’ gracing you with his presence in his bright red pants.

Freelancers - Dominique and Gideon Van Werkhoven

Dominique and Gideon Van Werkhoven

Husband and wife team Dominique and Gideon Van Werkhoven launched their agency The Werks last year, providing web and content services for small businesses, freelancers and not-for-profits.

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