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Freelancer Marketing School


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Marketing Courses for Freelancers

Awesome marketing and mindset courses for ambitious freelancers and creatives.

Grow Your Own Newsletter 🌱

Enrolment Next Open 10th - 14th June 2024

PRICE: £149 • online, On-demand, lifetime accesS

As marketing channels go, newsletters are up there with the coolest of them. And if there is one channel to master for business reasons, this is it. You own it, you can use it to showcase what you do best and convert prospects into paying clients

7 Steps to Content Creation Confidence


Create your own content creation process, grow your confidence to regularly post interesting content that resonates, watch your networks expand - sales and opportunities will follow.

LinkedIn For Humans


Enrolment opens NEXT JULY 2024

Be in LinkedIn’s top 1%. Raise your business profile, grow meaningful connections, post interesting content and open yourself up to a tonne of new opportunities.

Nail Your Offering


Nailing your offering is one thing that a lot of freelancers and creatives struggle with the most and I know it’s something that played on my mind for many years. This course will help you to find what you’re really meant to do.

"One of the best newsletters going."
- Justin Clark, SocialNorth
"Love The Dunker. There is SO much information."
- Raymond Manzor, Writer & Translator
"One of the few newsletters that I actually look forward to."
- Emma Read, VA
"One of the best newsletters going."
- Justin Clark, SocialNorth
"Love The Dunker. There is SO much information."
- Raymond Manzor, Writer & Translator
"One of the few newsletters that I actually look forward to."
- Emma Read, VA

Resources for Freelancers

Getting started guides, tips, and checklists for freelancers. We're adding more all the time so check back soon or subscribe to The Dunker.

The Freelance Doodler ✏️


Get to Know: Jo Watson

Freelancer Magazine’s hilarious ‘We Were All Thinking It’ Columnist.


A Guide to Starting Your Freelance Business

13 essential steps to getting started that also serve as a handy checklist if you're already going.

Get To Know - Mel Barfield

Get to Know: Mel Barfield

Freelancer Magazine’s Features Writer and Creator Club Host.

Anita Ellis

Get to Know: Anita Ellis

Freelancer Magazine’s newest Features Writer.

Freelancer cash flow template

Freelancer Cash Flow Template

Gain a greater sense of control of your freelance business with this cash flow template.

Get To Know - Mary Cummings

Get to Know: Mary Cummings

Freelancer Magazine's brilliant Virtual Assistant.

Is a client a good fit?

Red Flags and Green Flags to Look Out For

While relying on your gut to identify a client who’s a good (or bad) fit helps, a clearly documented checklist for red and green flags is even better.

Get To Know - Amy Nolan

Get to Know: Amy Nolan

Freelancer Magazine's Freelance Doodler.

33 Stats You Might Find Surprising About Freelancing

How to write a welcome sequence

How to write a welcome sequence that converts your freelance clients

How to make sure that your welcome sequence cuts through the noise.

Workshop - Kirsty Waite

Getting your money mindset right as a freelancer

Kirsty Waite explores how our beliefs about money drive our actions.

Pricing Projects - Tom Hirst

Pricing Freelance Projects

Web developer Tom Hirst shares his top tips for pricing freelance projects.

Martin Brooks

Your freelance accountancy questions answered

Accountant Martin Brooks shares some of his top tips for freelancers on managing their finances.

Do Freelancers Need A… Newsletter?

Every freelancer and their dog seems to have a newsletter right now, so does that mean you should or shouldn’t have one?


Get to Know: Angela Lyons

Filling our life with colour - our Creative Lead for Freelancer Magazine.

22 quick LinkedIn tips

22 super quick tips to get you (re)started on LinkedIn today

Feeling like it's about time that you upped your LinkedIn game or got your mojo back?


Get to Know: Tori Beat

Freelancer Magazine’s Issue #10 Guest Editor.

Penny Brazier

Get to Know: Penny Brazier

Freelancer Magazine’s Features Writer and Issue #5 Guest Editor.

Download the Freelancer Magazine Weekly Planner

Freelancer Magazine Weekly Planner

Download this weekly planner created especially for freelancers by Freelancer Magazine.

Freelancer Events Calendar

Add our Google calendar and stay up to date on all the amazing events for freelancers happening throughout the year.

Graduating and Going Freelance

Applying for jobs when you leave university isn't the only option. We spoke to two graduates who decided to go freelance instead.

How freelancers can get paid on time, every time.

How freelancers can get paid on time, every time.

What you should put in place in your business to make sure you get paid.

Happier Freelance Life - download

25 Ways to Live a Happier Freelance Life

Has the rollercoaster of self-employment left you dangling in mid-air? Grab our toolbox of helpful ideas to get you moving again.

Ben Kirchner freelance illustrator working at a computer

What my creative process looks like and getting an agent as a freelance illustrator

Ben Kirchner tells us about his creative process and his career journey, from jet-pack penguins to receiving vibrators in the mail.

Freelance Plant Power

More people than ever before are looking to plants, gardening and nature as a way to boost their wellbeing.

Nisha Aubeeluck

Making The Leap to Freelance

Nish is a career coach who specialises in helping people in career transitions into new industries where they have zero experience.

How Do Freelancers… Get Better Clients?

Georgia Duffee is committed to constantly streamlining her business processes to attract better clients and create a business that gives her the life she wants.

Events for Freelancers

Awesome in-person and virtual events, especially for freelancers. ​

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"One of the best newsletters going."
- Justin Clark, SocialNorth
"Love The Dunker. There is SO much information."
- Raymond Manzor, Writer
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